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  • It is specialized in the manufacture of high-quality concrete structures, compacting concrete by centrifugal rotation, bringing the highest product quality…
  • After loading concrete and prestressing on the mold, centrifugal rotation will be carried out to create concrete link with steel structure.
  • In the production of high-quality concrete bales, concrete compaction using centrifugal rotary method brings the highest quality products today.
  • The system operates completely automatically, the motor uses a combination of inverter system through PLC control. In order to maximize automation and the lowest power consumption.
  • Automatic control through specialized software, allowing automatic installation: speed of rotation, number of revolutions, rotation time, auto stop time, … for all centrifugal spinning products.

Commonly used machine systems:

  • 14m centrifugal rotary machine producing electric poles in combination with producing D300mm to D600mm
  • 18m centrifugal rotary production pipes D300mm to D600mm
  • Centrifugal rotary frame 30m to 40m produces pipe piles D800mm to D1200mm
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