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    • After feeding concrete into the mold, the tension machine will be used to prestress the PC Bar or PC Wire steel before going through the centrifugal rotation stage. The machine system operates completely automatically by hydraulic system, which allows setting tension, movement, up and down route, etc. suitable for each type of product. Control and display tension on LCD screen.

The most commonly used machine systems:

    • Tension machine 25 tons to 60 tons specialized in manufacturing prestressed square piles of types of V200mm to V400mm.
    • Tension machine 150 tons specialized in manufacturing electric poles and tube piles up to D500.
    • Tension machine 250 tons specialized in manufacturing tube piles D300mm to D600mm.
    • Tension machine 400 tons specialized in manufacturing tube piles D600mm to D800mm.
    • Tension machine 500 tons to 800 tons specialized in manufacturing tube piles D900mm to D1200mm for wharf projects.
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