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  • As the first stage in the production of prestressed concrete, steel is cut from rolled billets which require high precision. As the main factor determining the quality of prestressed concrete products.
  • The machine system operates fully automatically, applying hydraulic technology combined with compressed air through PLC control. Automatic control via specialized software, which allows setting the quantity and length of steel cutting on the LCD screen. Acceptable tolerance reaches ± 1mm / 10,000mm.
  • The most commonly used machine systems:
  • Cutting steel PC Bar, PC Wire Φ5.1mm to Φ10.7mm length 16m serving production: post-tensioning electric post, prestressed square pile, prestressed pipe pile up to D600mm.
  • PC Bar steel cutting machines Φ9.0mm to Φ12.7mm in length 18m to 40m in service of manufacturing prestressed pipe piles up to D1200mm for berth constructions.
  • Machine cut and automatically straighten steel: for the production of centrifugal sewer pipes and civil construction works. The machine automatically cuts steel to the required length and automatically straightens.
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